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Oxford Crown Court

Oxford Crown Court.JPG


This is a live courthouse building which was having refubishment works including new plant and roofing system to be installed.


The Problem

The roofs were at the end of their useful lifespan and in areas the falls needed enhancing to reduce the ponding water.

This coupled with the building being a live court meant that works had to be carfeully programmed and sequenced including out of hours works.

The Solution

Working close with Sika a spec was generated for

a SikaSheild reinforced bituminous membrane.

SikaShield® bituminous membranes are available within different application methods (torch, self-adhered,
mechani- cally fixed, hot or cold applied)
. And with

the correct combi- nation of raw materials, different performances and dura- bility can be achieved, allowing

its use in a wide range of applications.

The Benefits

SikaShield® Bituminous Membranes offer the best of both worlds technologies, combining the flexibility and tensile strength of a Styrene- Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) modified bitumen membrane with the hardwearing properties and UV stability of Amorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefins (APAO). This ensures exceptional waterproofing protection, along with proven ease of application.

Oxford Crown Court Rear.JPG
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