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Kensal Green Cemetary London



Kensal Green Cemetery, established in 1833, is one of London’s oldest and most historic burial grounds. Known for its Victorian architecture and historical significance, the cemetery buildings required careful maintenance to preserve their structural integrity and aesthetic value. The main administrative building, which had been suffering from water ingress and thermal inefficiency due to its aging mastic asphalt roof, needed an urgent roof replacement.



Historic Preservation: Ensuring that the new roofing system was in line with the historical value and aesthetic of the cemetery buildings.

Operational Continuity: The cemetery remained operational throughout the project, necessitating minimal disruption to daily activities and visitors.



- Removal of the existing mastic asphalt roof.

- Install a new Bauder warm roofing felt system.

- Improve thermal efficiency and waterproofing of the roof.

- Maintain the aesthetic and historical integrity of the building.



Initial Assessment and Planning

Conducted a thorough inspection of the existing roof.

Developed a detailed project plan, including timelines and resource allocation.

Secured necessary permissions for working on a historically significant site.


Roof Removal

Carefully stripped the existing mastic asphalt roof, ensuring no damage to the underlying structure.

Disposed of the old roofing materials in an environmentally responsible manner.

Preparation of Roof Surface

Cleaned and prepared the roof deck for the new installation.

Installation of Bauder Warm Roofing Felt System:

- Applied a vapour control layer.

- Installed Bauder insulation boards to enhance thermal efficiency.

- Laid the Bauder warm roofing felt system, ensuring meticulous attention to detail at all joints and penetrations to ensure a watertight finish.


Final Inspection and Quality Assurance

Conducted a comprehensive inspection to ensure the new roof met all quality and safety standards.

Addressed any minor adjustments required post-installation.

Provided the client with a detailed report and warranty for the new roofing system.



- Improved Thermal Efficiency: The new Bauder warm roofing system significantly improved the building’s insulation, reducing heating costs and enhancing comfort.

- Enhanced Waterproofing: The Bauder roofing system provided superior waterproofing, eliminating previous issues with water ingress.

- Aesthetic and Historical Integrity: The new roof complemented the historic look of the building, maintaining its aesthetic value.

- Client Satisfaction: The project was completed on time and within budget, with minimal disruption to cemetery operations.


The roof replacement project at Kensal Green Cemetery was a success, combining modern roofing technology with careful attention to the historic significance of the site. The installation of the Bauder warm roofing felt system not only addressed the immediate issues of water ingress and poor insulation but also ensured the longevity and preservation of the cemetery's architectural heritage.

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